Middlesex Partnerships for Youth, Inc.
In-Service Descriptions
2017 - 2018

    An Act Relative to Bullying - How This Legislation Impacts Our Schools

    This in-service workshop reviews the specifics of the bullying legislation.  While bullying is prohibited but not a crime, many related behaviors are criminal. Cyber bullying is a critical component of this training.    

    Anxiety and School Performance

    Anxiety that students experience not only challenges academic progress, but also significantly affects behavior. This workshop will review how anxiety affects student behavior and performance, and strategies that can be employed to help students effectively manage the demands of school and home.

    Aspergers Syndrome (High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder) and Behavior Management

    This workshop will examine the challenges of Asperger's and what schools and communities can do to address issues relative to both evaluation and treatment. We will also look at case studies, and participants are encouraged to share students with whom they are working and how they are meeting their needs. 

    Gangs in Our Communities

    Gang activity and violence takes many forms.  This training highlights the trademarks (colors, signs, graffiti, and tagging) of national and local gangs and explains how they recruit and retain members.  

    Improving Attendance & Truancy

    Focusing on the importance of intervening early when students show a pattern of missing school or arriving late, this training explores the dynamics of attendance and truancy issues. This workshop delves into why students don’t come to school and explains how to collaborate successfully with courts and social service agencies.

    Investigating and Addressing Teen Sexting Behaviors

    This workshop for school staff provides an overview of sexting and the role of schools, police and the district attorney’s office in addressing this troubling trend. The program includes review of search and seizure of cell phones and electronic devices. 

    Navigating the Cyber World (Parent Workshop)

    Geared for parents, this workshop reviews the challenges and dangerous situations that may arise through use of the Internet, social media and smart phones. It is important for parents to be aware of the popular apps, social media sites and programs used by youth online. This workshop explains the issues and possible consequences from cyber bullying, sexting and revealing identifying information to strangers.

    Protecting Children & Youth: 51 A Mandated Reporting

    To facilitate the training of large numbers of staff, the Child Abuse Unit at the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office has created a free online training.  This training, available at http://middlesexcac.org/51A-reporter-training/, outlines indicators of abuse and/or neglect and explains what to do if a mandated reporter suspects abuse or neglect.

    Restorative Justice

    Traditional school discipline does not always help students take responsibility and be accountable for their behaviors and realize how those behaviors reverberate through the school community. Restorative Justice works to change behavior, allows the victim to be heard, and acknowledges that a harm has been done. This workshop will use Restorative Justice approach to give participants the tools necessary to expand disciplinary alternatives employed in their school. 

    Teen Dating A to Generation Z: Healthy Relationships

    It is important for school staff to understand the dynamics of teen relationships and recognize signs of unhealthy relationships and possible abuse, including the role of the Internet and social media in today's relationships. The workshop provides activities for educators to bring information about healthy relationships into the classroom. Videos from MPY teen dating series are shown. 

    Underage Substance Use*

    Underage substance use continues to be a major issue in our schools and communities. While street drugs are readily available in many communities, teen drug users may easily obtain over-the-counter or prescription medications from a variety of sources, including their family's medicine cabinet. Information about the opioid epidemic is included in this workshop. 

    Youth Mental Health First Aid*

    Youth Mental Health First Aid teaches adults how to help an adolescent who is experiencing a mental health or addictions challenge or is in crisis. The course introduces common mental health challenges for youth, reviews typical adolescent development, and teaches a 5-step action plan to help young people in both crisis and non-crisis situations. Topics covered include anxiety, depression, substance use, disorders in which psychosis may occur, disruptive behavior disorders (including AD/HD), eating disorders, and suicide. This is an eight hour course, presented over one or two days. 

    Navigating the Cyber World (Student Assembly)


    While there are countless benefits from using technology to communicate, there are also potential challenges and even dangerous situations that can arise. This student assembly gives students the tools necessary to protect each person’s digital footprint and engage in safe cyber behavior. 

    OMG TMI N/C: Preventing Teen Sexting (Student Assembly)

    Teens are sharing, posting and sending images of themselves at alarming rates and more and more of those images are illicit in nature.  This student assembly will discuss the legal, personal and emotional ramifications of teen sexting behaviors. 

    Red Solo Cups, Weed and Pills - Underage Substance Use* -(Student Assembly)

    Teen substance use, including alcohol, marijuana, and illegal use of prescription drugs, continues to impact our schools and communities. This workshop will look at the dangers of substance use and abuse, including the opioid epidemic and heroin crisis affecting Massachusetts. MPY's new PSA "Said No Drug Dealer Ever" is shown.

    Teen Dating A to Generation Z: Healthy Relationships (Student Assembly)

    This workshop provides an overview of teen dating relationships, both in person and online. Teens will learn to identify the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships and how to deal effectively with jealousy, controlling behaviors and emotional/physical abuse and suggestions on ways to combat peer pressure and help friends to improve interpersonal relationships. Videos from MPY teen dating series are shown.

As an MPY member, you are entitled to 5 FREE in-service trainings each school year. In-service trainings are presented on-site, in your district/school site. You may select from the in-service workshops described to the right. A minimum attendance of 25 is required per training. Each district conducts its own preregistration. If you anticipate a drop in attendance or need to cancel, please call MPY, Inc. at least 48 hours in advance. The in-service may be cancelled at the presenter's discretion due to inclement weather or low attendance.

Please Contact - Margie Daniels at 781-897-6808 to request in-services or email her at margie.daniels@state.ma.us.